Thursday, September 22, 2016

Happy Fall {{Coupon Code}}

Happy Fall!!!!! With the excitement for my favorite season, I'm giving you a coupon code for my etsy shop to celebrate! I just added 2 fun fall printables to the shop, use the coupon code HAPPYFALL at check out for $1.00 off!  Sale ends Saturday. 9/24 

Grab the pattern for these wooden pumpkins over in my shop too! 

 But that's not all folks, I'm letting you in on a little freebie secret called... swagbucks! I have been a member for sometime & have earned a bunch of gift cards for doing practically nothing. I use it as my search engine, shop at all the stores I usually shop & earn bucks to get free stuff! That's right, FREE!!! 

Hope you all have a wonderful, happy, and festive fall!  
- Kara Beth 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Gelli Print Paper Earrings {Tutorial}

Gelli Print Paper Earrings - Fall inspired

As you already know, I love gelli printing & I've done a lot of different gelli arts projects on here but I am so excited to be sharing this downloadable tutorial that includes supply list, pattern, & step by step instructions on how to make the lovely earrings pictured above. I even include a print out of the exact paper I used to make mine, so you don't even need a gelli plate. -You can find the tutorial over in my ETSY shop here! I just re-opened my etsy shop a few days ago & will be adding all sorts of fun items including print outs, tags and patterns so be sure check my fb for all the updates as I add the items. 

I hope to be getting the equipment that I need to do video tutorials soon, and maybe even online classes too! I hope you'll consider trying my tutorial, and be sure to message me if you have any questions.
-- ThInK CrEatIveLy -- 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Exploring Art Supplies

Exploring Art Supplies/Products -
 Since a child I have created. I used paper, markers, glue, then paint, and scissors. As we grow we explore new materials & different ways to use materials. As an adult, I like to still explore new art supplies, brands, and tools! I try not to limit myself to one type of art, material or technique. Although it can be fun to try different exercises where we limit ourselves to stretch ourselves, it is always great trying new products/supplies! 

For sometime now I have been following a few people on instagram who use gouache, and although I've used a wide variety of mediums as a artist/crafter I have never tried using gouache. I was recently at hobby lobby, and noticed a tube of black gouache on clearance & decided to try it out! For my first try, I grabbed a blank kraft paper journal & painted a simple design. I used it right out of the tube. I find it be very smooth, which I really liked. Next time I plan on trying it mixed with a bit of water.  Here is the journal... 

If you follow my fb or IG you will notice that I create in a wide variety of ways & styles. I'm not afraid to use a saw, or drill! Anyway that I can explore my creativity, I am there! I have never really been scared to try out new art supplies, or art tools. I try sewing from time to time too, keyword "try"! ;) I have a few craft supplies on my wish list right now that I'd love to have/try. But at the top of the list is the Brother Scan N Cut, dying to get my hand on one of those! Also wanting to try out the Color burst by Ken Oliver too. 

Do you have something on your wish list? Have you ever been afraid to use supplies or a certain craft tool? What holds you back? I want to hear from you! 

Think Creatively. 
- Kara Beth 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Gelli print shirt embellishments // DIY

Bringing a super fun gelli print no sew shirt embellishment tutorial to you! I added a pocket to a plain tee, and cute heart elbow patches to my nieces long sleeve shirt. This idea popped into my head last week and I gathered the supplies and went to town. Below I will show you the step by step process and let you know what worked & what didn't work for me! 

Supplies you will need: 
 Gelli plate (any size)
 Acrylic paints
 Stencils & tools for mark making
 Fabric (I used an off white muslin)
 Fabric Glue or Heat Bond
 Washable fabric marker

 Step 1. Cut your fabric into manageable size pieces 

 Step 2. Grab your Gelli arts gel printing plate, some of your favorite acrylic paint, and stencils... now get to printing!!! (I just used acrylic paint for this project because once you heat set it you are good to go!) Allow fabric to fully dry, I left mine dry overnight! Some of the fabric was prepped with white paint that I allowed to dry first before gelli printing, however I preferred the plain fabric.

 Step 3. Grab your dried fabric pieces & choose what best matches your t-shirt then begin cutting out your pockets & heart patches. I was going to give you a template but sizes vary for shirt sizes. I referenced back to an old t-shirt I had with a pocket to get an idea on size. I then cut my pocket slightly larger to allow myself room for folding under to make things look sharp & neat. (about a half 1/2 in. seam allowance)  The heart size was determined by looking at the sleeve size.

 Step 4. Iron your fabric! This is not only getting any little wrinkles out you may have but also heat setting the paint! The edges that I folded under on the pocket also must be ironed down.

 Step 5. I used a combo of heat bond, and fabric glue. The heart patches I used only the heat bond. For the pocket I used heat bond to secure the folds then glued just around the edges. (please follow the directions on your fabric glue bottle)

Step 6. Allow glue to fully dry, and the heat bond to cool down. Then it's ready to wear! 
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to leave a comment or email me.

I hope this has inspired you, be sure to follow me over on fb for more on creative journey!

- Kara Beth 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Collecting Art

Recently, I was thinking back on the first piece of art I ever sold to a complete
stranger. I see this as a huge compliment and great accomplishment in my life. I was sixteen years old at that time. I had already had the dream of being an artist for a few years.

I made an abstract painting on canvas that I was super intrigued by. My sister asked if she could take it and hang it up at her work. (A small little dry cleaners in town). Not long after she hung it up, a man who drove for the company, asked about the painting. He then asked if he could purchase that piece and then asked to purchase another piece of work. That was twelve years ago, and I am grateful for local shops that are willing to showcase artwork from artist around the area. 

I think that now more than before the internet is a great way to find wonderful pieces of art. Social media like instagram and facebook are great sources of connections with the community. Also a website like Etsy is a pretty terrific place to scroll through artwork showcased from all around the world. When you collect art from artists, you are getting a little piece of them and numerous times there is really great art to see that may have not had a chance to be showcased in a gallery or magazine.

I being an artist, try using online as a way to grow a community and maybe my art will catch someone's eye one day. As a collector the art has to make you feel a certain way to want to spend your hard earned money to purchase it. Everyone has a certain style and taste.

So if you are looking to collect art, I urge you to start searching the wonderful world wide web!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Art for the dogs {{helping a rescue}}

As you can tell by other posts that I have a strong passion for creating, but today I wanted to share how I also love animals! And I think it's very important to help animals out when in need. We rescued our dog Chase years ago from a farm, a situation that if we hadn't taken him that day he most likely wouldn't be alive. He has some issues, but he's probably one of the happiest dogs. He sleeps in bed with my parents every night, and he's very attached to my Mom!

So to help out some dogs I decided to auction off my Mixed Media American Flag piece with 75% of the proceeds going to which is a dog rescue looking to expand and have their own building! Please if you can help me so that I can help them, visit my auction & bid! But if you can't bid, please consider sharing the link on twitter, fb, or your blog today or you can make a donation, thank you!!! <3 

Keep creating.
- Kara Beth 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Mixed Media Madness...

I love that it's almost August! Hooray! That means fall is fast approaching, and I love fall! But I wanted to just throw out my latest creative projects here on the blog today, just in case you aren't following me on fb -- but you should be!!! 

As you may already know, I get to teach mixed media from time to time & I am trying to get out and do that even more around the area. Last weekend I had a small group of 4, they were so much fun & so kind! I love that I get to teach, and encourage people to get creative! I think that being creative is a great thing on so many levels, it helps with so many aspects of your life. Did you know that making art reduces stress, and anxiety? And on top of that it increases positive thoughts & happy emotions! 
That's just 1 more reason to get yourself some paint, and start creating! 

Here's a class pic from Friday night -- 
The class was a mixed media canvas piece, they could do coffee or tea! It's wonderful to see each ones own personality and creativity shining through as they get to make the artwork with creative freedom!
I'm all about giving out chocolate in my classes too!

(For Sale)
This mixed media piece I finished up on Sunday night, and I love it! I'm so happy with how it turned out, I put it up on my fb page yesterday and it's not as popular as I had thought! But that seems to happen often with artwork! Everyone has a taste, and it might not be my taste! :)

Here's a fun mixed media card I made just to send a little sunshine someone's way!
 Supplies used: Paint,ink, Scrapbooking paper, stickers, wooden cutouts, and sandpaper.

Thank you for stopping to check out my blog...
To stay updated with all of my art, classes, and projects be sure to "LIKE" my page! 

-- Kara Beth --
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